Toy Safety

Safety of children is very important for us. As a distributor and importer of Metoo we decided to have one simple rule:


Metoo products are produced in many places, sold by many sellers, there are a lot of offers on auction systems. But we decided to be trustfull only based on the facts that we can check.

It’s crucial for our business partners to know, that we as a importer know that it is illegal to introduce to the market products that do not meet European Directive 2009/48/EC Toy Safety Directive. We know that the trust is something that You work for and also something that you can loose in seconds. That is why we test all of our products. Tests are performed in certified laboratory, that is able to confirm the compliance with the toys safety procedures.

Products that we sell, if they are a plush doll, are checked in the following range:

  • EN71-1:2014 Part 1: Mechanical and physical properties – mandatory;
  • EN71-2:2011 Part 2: Flammability + A1:2014 – mandatory;
  • EN71-3:2013 Part 3: Migration of certain elements + A1:2014 & 2009/48/EC – mandatory;
  • Bisphenol-A (BPA) content: European Directive 2009/48/EC – if apply (plastic parts are present);
  • Phthalate content: REACH Annex XVII (entry 51&52) – if apply (plastic parts are present);
  • Age category based on the EN71-1 test.

The most important test is the EN71-3, as it checks if any dangerous elements will be in contact with baby skin and saliva (small children love to suck or bite plush toys, especially during teething).

Products like backpacks or purse, as they do not met the 2009/48/EC, and are not recognized as toys (especialy purse, which has metal elements) we tag according to the EU law that they are not toys and should not be treated as a toys.

For our B2B Partners we provide copies of CE documents and full EN71 tests.

Important: Lately there are some distributors that claim that they have done EN71 tests and have the CE documentary. We recommend to ask for details. The documents that are shown in the internet often do not belong to the distributor, also they do not show excatly what designs they cover.

Metoo Europe CE documents:


Metoo Europe EN71 tests (cover sites):



Below we present the examples of design of the Metoo tags dedicated for Europe.

2016 imported products2017 imported products


The tags contain information's about fabric, filling, safety standards met by the product and care instructions, also all data regarding the importer and manufacturer.

Tags are also secured with a hologram sticker confirming that they are came from our distribution company.



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