About Metoo Europe

About Metoo Europe

Metoo Europe Sp. z o.o. (Limited) is an EU based limited company, with its HQ in Poland - Mińsk Mazowiecki. We are a ‘value-added distributor’. Metoo Europe Limited doesn’t act as importer, but in the manner of EU import procedure, we act as an representative.

What ‘Value Added’ means to us? We perform the quality check, EN71 (including EN71-3) tests and provide the Declaration of Conformity documents. But what is most important, as a ‘Value added ‘ distributor, we applied for CE certification, so it’s not only our and Producer declarations, but the proven laboratory confirms that toys, especially dolls, that we offer are safe for children. Most important, as a representative in the import procedure we take responsibility for the items that we import. For retailers and customers we are the only partner and party to dispute.

The company itself was created by two mothers, the love that we have to our children and the joy and happiness that we saw when they could play with Metoo toys made us think that we would like to provide these plush happiness to other children. Our team also consists of warehouse support, local china domestic agents and a china domestic manager. Please check ‘Our Team’ site to get more details.

How to cooperate with us?

As a EU based limited company, we use the advantage of EU internal market, to deliver goods on the basis of EU Internal Delivery of Goods, with an VAT rate of 0%. VAT registered companies/enterprises can make VAT 0% transactions between the EU member states. We have an registered import agent and handling partner. Whole import procedure is legal and according to EU standards.

To all clients that are non-VAT EU registered companies (or single-person enterprises) we offer products with VAT tax added. VAT that we need to add in such case is 23% (polish standard rate). As we understand, that paying this tax can decrease the margin our retailers can get from sales, for larger orders we always to have a ‘pro-customer’ approach and provide discounts to the NET values.

Delivery is done by DPD, Foreign Classic service. For larger deliveries in EU we use UPS multiple package/parcel service.

Do we sale in B2C channel?

No, Metoo Europe Limited, doesn’t sale to private customers, we do not sell or delivery in B2C channel. If we have questions from customers about the products, we provide a list of local retailers, that we supply, for regular contact.

Can we import other designs than presented on the website?

YES, but we can only import new designs after performing CE required tests: EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3 tests and Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalats, if the are any plastic parts Additionally we always apply for CE certification with age-grade declaration. It’s expensive and takes time, If You are really interested in other Metoo Toys designs please contact us directly. We will try to do our best to help.

Do we deliver worldwide – outside EU?

Yes, we are registered EU export company, we can export goods outside EU. We provide the EU export registered documents that are needed to handle local import in the destination country. International deliveries are based on UPS or EMS services.

Metoo Europe Limited

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