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Metoo Angela Deer Boy 30 cm

Brand:: Metoo5
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Metoo Deer Boy - Angela series - 30 cm

Metoo lovely plush doll, made from a delicate plush, with an exceptional quality details. These stylish dolls can be a perfect present for any child and even new-born.

This is a specific design for boys.

Doll style: Deer Boy

EAN-13 code: 6954124907506

Dolls are sold in packages of 5 pieces.

Prices are 0% VAT based on the EU Internal Sales of Goods.

Product information’s:

  • Aprox. 30 cm high
  • Age Category: 0+
  • CE marking
  • Fabric: Polyester Plush
  • Filling: 100% PP Cotton
  • Standards:
    • EN71 Part 1: 2014
    • EN71 Part 2: 2011+ A1:2014
    • EN71 Part 3: 2013+ A1:2014 & 2009/48/EC

VAT registration obligation transferred to the buyer.


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